250g - Whole Bean

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, passion fruit, pineapple, brown sugar, citric acidity, dense body and prolonged residual.

SCA Cup Score: 90+ What does this mean?

Producers: Las Margaritas

Processing: XO Process

Varietal: Pacamara

Growing Altitude: 1570-1850masl

What is it good for?: This is an exceptional coffee that makes superb espresso and filter alike.

Additional Notes :  Well, where do we start. Very occasionally we are offered a truly exceptional coffee and this is one of those times. This coffee is not usually sold on the open market and is considered a 'Competition Grade' lot. As the name suggests, these coffees are usually reserved and used at competitions such as the World Barista Championships. 

Producer Rigoberto Herrera of Cafe Granja La Esperanza has spent the last several years experimenting and pushing coffee innovation. At their five farms, he has  planted  several  varieties  not  typically found in Colombia. These include some of the earliest plantings of Geisha trees in the country as well as this unique example of the Pacamara variety.

Pacamara is an extraordinary hybrid from an artificial crossing of Pacas variety from El Salvador and Maragogipe variety from Brasil. Pacas variety is itself a mutation from Bourbon and Maragogipe from Typica. This means, Pacamara is a hybrid between two equal species that captures features of both.

"XO Natural Process"

The GLE Team has created this innovative processing technique called XO Natural Processing which matches the complexity and serenity of a fine, aged Cognac XO, for which this processing method is named.  This laborious and precise process involves a long fermentation at controlled cool temperatures: 48 hours below 25°C.  To ensure a completely even fermentation, it is essential that all of the cherries used in this process have a starting sugar content of exactly 18 degrees brix.  Following this "low and slow" fermentation process, the coffee is then moved to solar drying for a long 28 days.  Finally, after drying, the coffee is then left in storage for 3 months to stabilise its moisture content and reduce the astringency that may come from coffee that is shipped immediately after processing.




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Colombia - Café Granja La Esperanza Pacamara XO - XO Process

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