Tasting Notes: White peach, milk chocolate, lime zest

SCA Cup Score: 88.25 What does this mean?

Processing: Washed

Varietal: Dega, Kudhume,Wolisho

Growing Altitude: 1900 - 2200 masl

Harvest: November - January

What is it good for?: Espresso with a sweet and zingy edge or complex filter

Additional Notes : We are the first to admit we are suckers for natural process coffee, particularly from Ethiopia, but when this years washed Ethiopia crop landed we tried this on a recommendation from a trader and we knew instantly it was going on the list. I am glad we picked up on it quickly as the crop did not last long!! It offers a beautifully complex cup with notes of milk chocolate, fruit and a hint of coconut.

Hambella farm encompasses 200 hectares and employs 28 full time staff, swelling to just over 700 in full season. 70% of these workers are women, and there is a program for farmers in the local area to be able to work closely with agronomists and processing experts to increase the quality of their coffee. Some of this is then bought and sold by the farm in addition to their own beans.

The coffee from Hambella is grown in the Guji zone, but the processing facilities are across the district border in Gedeb, Gedeo zone. Originally only producing natural coffees, Hambella now produces excellent Grade one and two coffees, using an eco-pulper to remove the flesh which removes the need for the fermentation stage and produces remarkably clean beans for a much lower water usage.

The farm itself was created by Aman Adinew and his brother Michael. Previous to this, Aman was director of quality control at the ECX, or Ethiopia Commodity Exchange, and was in charge of the fi rst speciality coffee lab in Ethiopia.


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Ethiopia - Guji Hambela - Washed

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